Client relationship management made easy

We’ve made a traditional document management service even richer so that you can deliver the highest standard of client service. All interactions are captured so that relevant insights are always at your fingertips.


Know and service your clients better by having a complete record of all interactions on file…

Client workspace

A specific client or family group view on their affairs including a summary, documents, and tasks. This improves productivity and insight by providing users with a dedicated view reducing clutter, clicks, and distractions. For example, while on a phone call, a partner can easily see all recent interactions and outstanding tasks.

Related documents

A contextual list of all other documents and interactions that occurred with the client in reverse date order. This allows a user to see other client interactions that might help make better decisions and avoid mistakes.

Family groups

Expands the filtering of list views for documents and tasks to include the entire family group of the chosen client. This provides an efficient way for users to get a holistic view across the family group.

Meetings and phone calls

Recording of client meetings and phone calls ensures that all client interactions can be filed and extends the service from document management to CRM. Important meetings can be stored against the client, improving the corporate memory of the practice in case it needs to be referred to in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view all activities for a specific client?

Yes. Unlike a folder based system, our filing structure is database driven with a client centric approach. This means your team can turn the whole system on its head and see everything from a client approach.

Are the client groups the same as the ones in XPM?

Yes. As part of our seamless integration into the Xero Practice suite, we leverage the family groups to give a powerful view across the complete set of entities.

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