FYI ensures that every client email in or out of your practice is hitting the client file.

Client emails, attachments and calendar entries are all instantly imported from Outlook and auto-filed in FYI. Customisable templates allow you to create standard emails for any client in seconds using rich text and merge fields.

AutoFile emails

Emails that match a client email address in Xero Practice Manager are intelligently auto-filed in FYI based on a combination of the conversation thread and client, user or practice defaults. This auto-filing saves valuable time across the entire practice but especially for partners who on average receive 50+ client emails a day.

AutoFile email attachments

FYI can automatically file attachments as separate documents in a smooth workflow. This saves you time by avoiding the need to save to desktop and upload.

AutoFile client meetings

All client related calendar entries can be automatically imported from individual Outlook Calendars and filed in FYI. This ensures the client file includes all critical meetings, shared with the entire team without any manual effort.

Share practice contacts

Create client emails within Outlook using shared practice contacts from Xero Practice Manager. This saves time, ensures accuracy and consistency, and avoids the need to maintain client information at an individual user level.

Customise your email templates

Standard emails containing rich text and merge fields can be created within seconds for any client. This delivers dramatic time savings as users don’t have to create bespoke emails for repetitive client communications.

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FYI is changing the way accounting practices work – for the better!

“We’ve always been after a unicorn piece of software that acts as both a client CRM and document management system. FYI is definitely shaping up to be this unicorn!”

– Shelley Van Hoos, Consolid8

“God, I love this program!”

– Jeremy Coverdale, Coverdale Business Solutions

“FYI has been developed with accountants in mind, ensuring that the system is effective but simple to onboard.”

– Vicki Beker, BFA Advisors and Accountants

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