Email Templates

We understand that Microsoft Office is still a critical part of every accountant’s life. FYI offers powerful additions to core Office modules to significantly improve productivity.


A partner receives an average of 50 client emails a day that all should be filed appropriately…

Practice contacts

Users can create client emails within Outlook leveraging their practice contacts in Xero Practrice Manager. So instead of every team member within a practice maintaining their own contacts, everyone can leverage a practice wide set of contacts.

Email templates

Standard emails containing rich text that are approved by the partnership can be created within seconds for any client with infused merge fields. This delivers dramatic time savings as users don’t have to create bespoke emails for repetitive client communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own templates including merge fields?

Yes. We provide out of the box templates, but more importantly, you can build your own templates including merge fields to increase your practice’s productivity and quality of output.

For emails from mobiles, does it matter what sort of phone?

No. Our crawler service works back through your Outlook mailbox and looks for any client related emails that aren’t “managed emails”.

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