Outlook integration for email control

Email has overtaken hard copy mail and the telephone as the primary communication tool between accountants and their clients. FYI ensures that every email in or out of your practice is hitting the client file – even those sent from your iPhone.


A partner receives an average of 50 client emails a day that all should be filed appropriately...

AutoFile Emails

Client emails are intelligently autofiled based on a combination of the conversation thread, specific client, user or practice defaults. This auto-filing saves valuable time across the entire practice but especially for partners who on average receive 50+ client emails a day.

Save attachments

Client emails often contain attachments that are essential documents in their own right. FYI enables file attachments to be saved as separate documents in a smooth workflow. This saves you time by avoiding the need to save to desktop and upload.

Unique reference numbers

Any inbound or outbound email is allocated a unique reference number appended to it for tracking purposes. When a client raises a query on any email, your team will be able to locate it and respond immediately.

Emails from mobile phones

When a client email is sent from an unmanaged device such as a mobile phone, FYI will detect this occurence and automatically capture and file with your approval. This provides a complete client file without requiring hours in manual filing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my personal emails?

FYI allows the practice to define certain email addresses or domains of emails that you won’t want to be filed automatically. For example, if an education provider sends a number of emails to staff within the practice, there is a quick and easy way to avoid these being filed in the system unnecessarily.

Does FYI work with Office Desktop and Office 365?

Sure does! FYI currently integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 Desktop. It has been architected with the online version of Office 365 and this feature will be made available in an upcoming release.

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