Process automation that improves productivity and professionalism

Achieve the ultimate in automation across document creation, email communication and filing. FYI will save you countless admin hours and ensure a consistent level of professional service.


Save 2 hours per fee earner each day through the automation of repetitive processes…

Email sentiment

Any inbound client emails that contain strongly negative sentiment can be automatically flagged for partner review. Partners can rest easy knowing that any unhappy client emails will be brought to their attention regardless of the circumstance.

Client Ledger Reports

A set of standard client reports from any integrated app such as Xero can be run and auto captured in FYI in under 5 seconds. This provides massive time savings across the practice by avoiding having to run the reports and then file them manually each time.

Auto Import and Filing

FYI can automatically capture and file documents across a range of data sources. Capture client source documents directly from OneDrive (and from DropBox and Drive in the near future). Our universal autofiling engine files them in FYI according to a sophisticated rule set. This saves time, avoids having to manually request and file, and ensures documents are consistently filed with the correct names and in the right location. Most importantly, it is easy for the client!

Custom processes

Every feature of FYI has been designed from inception to be an object within our process designer. This ensures that as well as having standard processes out of the box, practice administrators will be able to build their own processes in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What processes are automated by FYI?

FYI’s automation engine can already intelligently auto-file client emails, import and compare daily Tax Assessments (creating client email correspondence based on the results), import and auto-file batches of reports from your client’s Xero Ledger, invoices from Xero Practice Manager, and much more. Our automated process offering will continue to be enhanced throughout 2019 with additional processes and integration partners, so watch this space!

Can we configure our own processes?

Absolutely. While we will ship with standard processes to get you started, you will be able to design your own processes from scratch to suit your own needs.

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