Powerful search and retrieval

Easily locate documents in a store of millions within seconds with our powerful search engine function. Use views, sorts and filters plus the full power of metadata to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.


Find anything you have permission to access using a combination of search words with filters and sorts across the range of metadata. Our database approach to search provides very effective retrieval of documents, even in large document stores.


Cabinets store documents in a structure reflecting the broad division of operations within the practice. Configurable to suit your practice, Cabinets allow different users within the practice to work conveniently inside their group. The security implied with cabinets also ensures that users don’t see documents they are not entitled to see.


Views are a combination of meta data, filters, sorts and column layouts to give a precise list of documents. Standard views such as Recent, Incomplete or Unsent Documents put a specific set of required documents at your fingertips. Custom views allow you to save any search criteria, column order and filter on a list, and share it as a view option for users across the practice.

Hide threads

When there is a chain of emails in a conversation thread, FYI provides the option to hide the past conversation thread of emails and only view the most recent email. This can provide a more focused view of documents, helping you to find what you want faster.

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FYI is changing the way accounting practices work – for the better!

“We have been a client of FYI since January 2019 and are delighted with the product and its evolving road map. The level of client service and responsiveness to enhancements has been impressive. FYI is certainly an industry leader and best practice solution.”

– Robert Moore, Director, Invigor8 Accountants and Advisors

“God, I love this program!”

– Jeremy Coverdale, Coverdale Business Solutions

“One of the biggest frustrations we have is people not finding procedures easily and filing documents in different places. FYI’s structured filing system solves these problems perfectly. Thanks for putting together such an awesome program.”

– Jason Skinner, CEO/Director, Skinner Hamilton

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