Powerful search and retrieval

Easily locate anything in a matter of seconds with our powerful search engine function. In conjunction with views, sorts, and filters you get the full power of metadata plus full-text search.


Find a specific document within a document store of millions within 3 seconds…

Text search

Allows users to find anything they have permission to access including a combination of search words with filters and sorts across the range of metadata. Our database approach to search benefits users by providing very effective retrieval of documents, even in large document stores.

Cabinets and categories

Cabinets are a way documents can be stored within the practice to reflect the broad division of operations within the practice. Cabinets are configurable by each practice, both in number and naming conventions. This allows different user groups within the practice to work conveniently inside their area. The security implied with cabinets also ensures that users don’t see documents they are not entitled to see.


Views are a combination of meta data, filters, sorts and column layouts to give a precise list of documents. Standard views are included out of the box including Recent Documents, Incomplete Documents and Unsent Documents. This enables users to get directly to a specific set of required documents.

Hide threads

When there is a chain of emails in a conversation thread, FYI provides the option to hide the underlying conversation thread of emails and only see the most recent. This can provide a more focused view of documents, helping you to find what you want faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search on keywords?

Absolutely. You can include keywords in your search, and even capture keywords as meta data on documents on demand.

Do searches respect the security of documents?

Yes. Where a security has been applied to a document, for example as part of a cabinet with restricted access, any team member who doesn’t have access won’t retrieve it using a search.

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