Making task management simple and effective

Delegate tasks across the practice quickly and effectively – straight from your email inbox.
View outstanding tasks across the entire practice. Get notified when tasks are completed.


A practice-wide view of outstanding tasks allows partners to track workload and efficiency of service across all clients.

Stand-alone tasks

Create a task for yourself or a team member including client, task description and due date. Ensure nothing falls between the cracks in servicing clients. View a complete list of outstanding tasks across the entire practice.

Document tasks

Link a task to inbound emails and documents. This saves time as the trigger point interaction for each task is automatically referenced, providing context.

Task notifications

Delegators are automatically notified when tasks have been completed. Notifications can be received via the FYI Dashboard or email, depending on your preference.

Task tracking

View a summary of everything critical to you including incomplete documents, un-filed documents, outstanding tasks, delegated tasks and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do FYI Tasks integrate with Outlook Tasks?

No. We believe in moving away from personal tasks to a team-based task environment to improve collaboration and transparency.

Can I assign tasks to myself as well as other team members?

Absolutely. Our task functionality has been designed to delegate to other team members but you can also provide reminders for yourself.

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