Workflows purpose-built for a thriving accounting practice

Electronically review, approve and lock documents before they leave your practice.


Despite the speed of business in today’s world, there are still documents that are so important or technical they require approval from a senior member of the team…

Workflow authority

Each user can be given an appropriate level of authority to move documents through the workflow lifecycle – Complete, First Review, Final Review, Approved. This ensures only users with proper experience can review critical documents, which in turn limits the risk of poor quality client service.

Workflow status

Every document has a workflow status that is used to measure and communicate progress through its lifecycle. This benefits the entire team as they can easily see the state of completion on any document.

Signature requests

Efficient approval of documents by partners or managers within the firm to ensure the highest level of quality. Once a document has been reviewed or approved, the edit rights are automatically restricted to avoid any unauthorised changes.

Signature images

Each user that is responsible for approving documents can scan and save their “wet” signature on their user profile. When they approve a letter, their signature is automatically inserted in the letter. Applying signatures electronically is not only convenient but also saves you time. Access to these signatures is restricted to the specific user and administrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every document need to be approved before sending?

No. You can choose which documents are routed through the approval process depending on the risk and type of document involved.

What about client approvals?

We currently focus on internal approvals, not on external client approvals. Our intention is to integrate with market leading applications for client approvals in the future.

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