Save more than two hours per fee earner on every compliance job by automating repetitive tasks.

Achieve the ultimate in automation across document creation, email communication and filing. By re-engineering your processes and automating repetitive tasks, FYI saves you countless admin hours and ensures a consistently high level of professional service.

Automatically file emails within Outlook

FYI monitors your inbox and sent items in Outlook, looking for emails that match a client email address in Xero Practice Manager. Any client emails sent or received are automatically imported into FYI and filed under the relevant client, cabinet and category. Partners and senior managers can review emails before filing practice-wide, and email attachments can be auto-filed as separate documents.

Automatically capture and file Xero tax returns, client ledger reports and more!

Integration with Xero Practice manager ensures that information related to clients, staff and jobs is synchronised and updated automatically in FYI. Your clients’ latest tax returns are automatically imported from Xero Tax and filed in FYI for easy access. And reports from your clients’ Xero Ledgers can be imported with a single click, then automatically named and filed according to practice preference.

Automatically capture and file client documents

FYI can automatically capture and file client source documents directly from OneDrive, BGL and NowInfinity and in the near future, from DropBox and Drive. Our universal auto-filing engine files them in FYI according to a sophisticated rule set. This saves time, avoids manual filing and ensures documents are consistently filed with the correct names and in the right location. Most importantly, it is easy for your client!

Tax Assessments

Automate the daily import of tax assessments from the ATO, cross-checked with Xero Tax and auto-filed. FYI will even auto-generate an email to save you time sending the assessments to your client.

Custom Processes

Design your own automated processes across client service, marketing, practice admin, HR and more. Limited only by your imagination to automate any repetitive tasks across the practice.

Negative Email Alert

Any inbound client emails that contain strongly negative sentiment can be automatically flagged for partner review. Partners can rest easy knowing that unhappy client emails will be brought to their attention regardless of the circumstance.

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FYI is changing the way accounting practices work – for the better!

We have been a client of FYI since January 2019 and are delighted with the product and its evolving road map. The level of client service and responsiveness to enhancements has been impressive. FYI is certainly an industry leader and best practice solution.

Robert Moore

Director – Invigor8 Accountants and Advisors

God, I love this program!

Jeremy Coverdale

Partner – Coverdale Business Solutions

One of the biggest frustrations we have is people not finding procedures easily and filing documents in different places. FYI’s structured filing system solves these problems perfectly. Thanks for putting together such an awesome program.

Jason Skinner

CEO/Director - Skinner Hamilton

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